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Struggling to increase your home listings? At Search Traffic Success, we specialize in connecting real estate agents with more home sellers. Our expert SEO and targeted Google Ads strategies place you right where sellers are looking: the top of search results. Don’t get lost in the crowd. Stand out and become the go-to agent for home sellers in your area.

SEO: Your Key to Reaching Home Sellers

We optimise your online presence so when sellers search for agents, they find you first. Our strategic SEO makes you the top choice for those ready to list their homes.

Google Ads: Immediate Visibility for Quick Leads

With our targeted Google Ads, you appear right when sellers consider listing, placing you ahead of others instantly. Capture more seller leads by being their immediate go-to agent.

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Elevating Your Real Estate Listings with SEO

Our tailored services

Uncover the most lucrative keywords in the real estate sector. We delve deep to understand market trends, ensuring your online content meets buyer and seller queries head-on.

Refine your online presence to dominate the local market. We optimise for geo-specific searches, helping you become the first point of contact for real estate inquiries in your community.

Master the art of persuasion with compelling ad content. Our copywriters craft Google Ads material that resonates with potential clients, driving clicks, inquiries, and, ultimately, sales.

Stay steps ahead with keen insights into your competitors’ strategies. We dissect their efforts, revealing hidden opportunities for your real estate brand to outshine rival agencies.

Transform traffic into solid leads through sleek, professional landing pages. We design these crucial touchpoints to captivate and convert, harnessing every click for maximum engagement.


Case Studies

our approach

SEO Metrics That Make A Difference

For real estate agents, a robust digital presence can distinguish top performers from the rest. The key question remains: how do you gauge success in the virtual arena? We concentrate on four pivotal SEO metrics, providing a clear picture of your online ascendancy.


Organic Traffic

The cornerstone of every triumphant SEO plan is the influx of organic visitors. On average, our real estate agency clients witness a 45% spike in organic website traffic within the initial six months. Targeting pertinent keywords and generating content resonating with Australian property seekers, we set you up as the online hub for all property inquiries.

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Click-through-rate (CTR)

Simply appearing in search outcomes isn't sufficient; prospective clients need to select your link. With captivating meta descriptions and refined title tweaks, we've elevated our clients' CTR by an average of 35% over half a year. Each click could be a prospective property deal, and we ensure you're at the forefront.

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Domain Authority/Domain Rating

A formidable domain authority or rating signifies your website's trustworthiness and relevance to search engines. Employing potent backlink tactics and ongoing high-grade content production, we've propelled an average 20% hike in domain ratings for our real estate clients in a year, establishing their digital credibility.

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Bounce Rate

A lower bounce rate indicates that visitors find your website engaging and relevant to their needs. With our adaptive strategies and keen understanding of property seekers' preferences, we've successfully reduced the bounce rate by an average of 28% for our real estate clients. This demonstrates a higher engagement level, ensuring that potential clients delve deeper into your offerings.

Empower Your Real Estate Ventures with Search Engine Marketing

Why Choose Search Traffic Success for Your Real Estate Business

  1. Tailored Strategies for Real Estate
    We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our strategies for real estate professionals are custom-designed, considering the uniqueness of your market segment, competitive landscape, and client demographics, ensuring more relevant leads.
  2. Local SEO Expertise
    Our team excels in local SEO, a crucial advantage for real estate agents. We optimize your content to capture the community’s attention, ensuring your listings resonate and rank high where it matters most – in your local market.
  3. Comprehensive Keyword Research
    Understanding what homebuyers and sellers search for is our forte. We dive deep into keyword research, identifying terms that potential clients use, optimizing your listings and content, making your offerings easily discoverable and relatable.
  4. ROI-Focused Google Ads Management
    We leverage Google Ads to give your real estate business immediate visibility among competitors. By analyzing market trends and buyer interests, our ads target those ready to engage, ensuring cost-effective campaigns and a higher return on investment.
  5. Continuous Performance Analysis
    SEO and Google Ads aren’t set-and-forget strategies. We provide ongoing analysis, tracking how your keywords perform, and how clients interact with your content. This continuous refinement process means you stay ahead of the curve, adapting to trends, and capturing clients’ interests as they evolve.
Increasing Online Visibility

Enhance your property listings' online presence, capturing buyer attention at the right moment in their purchasing journey, and outshining competitors in search results.

Attracting More Customers

SEO and Google Ads work hand-in-hand to pull in high-intent buyers and sellers, directly impacting inquiries, viewings, and ultimately, closed deals.

Precise Targeting and Cost-Effective Advertising

Leverage Google Ads to target prospects by demographics, location, or interest, maximizing your ad spend by reaching those most likely to engage with your real estate services.

Measurable Growth and Return on Investment (ROI)

Monitor your campaigns' success with precise analytics, allowing for agile marketing strategies and tangible proof of your investments' growth-driving capabilities.


What Our clients say?

In the digital world, SEO is like your property billboard on a busy highway. It ensures your listings appear prominently when potential buyers or sellers use search engines. But it’s not just about being seen; it’s about being seen by the right people. Here’s how SEO offers more than just visibility:

  • Quality Traffic: SEO helps attract people specifically searching for real estate services or properties in your area. It’s not about getting more people to your site; it’s about getting the right people who are ready to engage or make a transaction.
  • Building Authority: Consistently appearing atop search results establishes your agency as a leading authority. It’s similar to having prime office space in the city centre; it instils confidence and trust.
  • Competitive Advantage: Effective SEO strategies place your listings ahead of competitors, similar to having an exclusive listing in a desirable neighbourhood. You catch the eye before anyone else.
  • Local Searches: With local SEO, you’re not promoting to a global audience but specifically targeting prospective clients in your vicinity. It’s like distributing your flyers in the local community where they matter most.

In essence, SEO makes sure your listings get prime real estate on search engine results, attracting quality traffic and generating valuable leads. It’s about making your properties the first thing potential clients find in their online house-hunting journey.

Google Ads is like a turbo boost for attracting potential property buyers or sellers. It puts your listings on the fast track to visibility by placing your ads in front of people when they’re actively looking for real estate options in your area. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Immediate Visibility: Unlike traditional methods waiting for prospects to walk by, Google Ads presents your properties right at the top of search results, instantly grabbing attention.
  • Targeted Advertising: You can target based on location, the type of property they’re interested in, or their budget, ensuring your ads reach the right audience. It’s like hosting a property viewing for interested buyers only.
  • Budget Control: With Google Ads, you’re in control of your spending. Whether you want a campaign that’s high-end or a bit more conservative, you set the budget that suits your business needs.
  • Measurable Results: You can see exactly how many people noticed your ad, clicked on it, called your number, or made an enquiry. It’s like having a guestbook for every digital property viewing, giving you a clear picture of what’s working.

Google Ads helps your listings cut through the noise and makes you the first port of call for people actively seeking to make property transactions. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being seen first and making an impression that counts.

Absolutely, content marketing for real estate isn’t just about posting property listings; it’s about building a story around your brand that resonates with potential clients. Think of it as the charismatic estate agent who can spin a good yarn about each property, making clients feel connected and intrigued.

  • Engaging Stories: Whether it’s a blog post about the neighbourhood’s history or a buying guide, quality content captivates and informs readers. It’s not selling but telling a story where they can imagine their own chapter.
  • Building Trust: Regularly sharing market insights, tips for sellers, or home maintenance advice establishes you as a knowledgeable ally. It’s akin to the dependable agent who knows every nook of the local area.
  • Boosting SEO: Fresh, relevant content helps bump up your website in search rankings. It’s like continuously refurbishing your agency’s facade to catch the eye of passers-by.
  • Encouraging Shares: People share stories they relate to. A compelling piece on “Finding the Perfect Family Home” might resonate with families in your community, spreading your reach without extra effort.

Content marketing turns your strategy from a bulletin board of listings into a dynamic narrative that people want to follow, positioning you not just as a salesperson, but as a valuable and trusted source of advice.

Social media for real estate isn’t about hopping onto every platform available. It’s like hosting different property events where your clients hang out, understanding what appeals to them. Here’s why it’s invaluable:

  • Brand Personality: Your posts give your business a voice, whether you’re sharing behind-the-scenes videos or celebrating a team member’s birthday. It personalises your agency, showing clients there’s a friendly team behind each property listing.
  • Real-time Engagement: Responding to comments or messages builds relationships faster than traditional methods. It’s as immediate and personal as chatting at an open house.
  • Market Insights: You learn about your clients from their interactions, gaining insights you might not through conventional channels. It’s akin to overhearing chats at a community gathering, understanding their concerns and aspirations.
  • Targeted Advertising: Social media ads can zero in on specific groups, much like sending direct mail to selected streets known for active buyers.

Having an active social media presence is like being a well-known local at community events. You’re always there, part of the conversation, and the first person that comes to mind when someone’s looking to buy or sell.

Email marketing in real estate is like having a series of private, ongoing conversations with potential buyers and sellers. It’s personal, direct, and keeps your agency top-of-mind. Here’s how it nurtures leads:

  • Personalised Content: Emails can be tailored to the recipient’s interests, like sending listings of beachfront properties to someone who loves the sea. It shows you listen and understand their needs.
  • Consistent Updates: Regular emails keep subscribers informed about market trends, new listings, or changes in property prices, much like a friend keeping you in the loop about exciting neighbourhood news.
  • Exclusive Offers: You can provide special deals or early access to new properties for subscribers, making them feel part of an exclusive club.
  • Building Relationships: Over time, your emails help develop a stronger connection with potential clients. They might not be ready to transact now, but when they are, your consistent communication ensures you’re the first agent they call.

Through email marketing, you’re not just a name in a directory; you become a familiar, reliable source of insider knowledge. It’s a strategy that fosters trust, proving your value long before they’re ready to make a decision, ensuring it’s you they turn to when they are.

A website for a real estate business is like its virtual office front – it’s what people first notice and what can either draw them in or send them away. Here’s the significance of website design:

  • First Impressions: Your website reflects your brand. A sleek, professional design is akin to an impressive office space that reassures clients they’re in capable hands.
  • Easy Navigation: Information should be easy to find and understand, much like clear signage in an office. If clients struggle to locate what they need, they’ll likely leave out of frustration.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Many clients use their phones to browse listings, akin to people window-shopping as they stroll. If your site doesn’t function well on mobile devices, you’re shutting your window on potential business.
  • Effective Call-to-Actions (CTAs): These prompt users to take action, whether calling your agency or booking a viewing. It’s like a receptionist guiding a visitor through their next steps.

A well-designed website ensures visitors don’t just come and leave; they explore, connect, and remember your agency. It’s the online equivalent of a welcoming office space where clients feel comfortable, informed, and ready to do business.

Online reviews for your real estate business are akin to personal recommendations in the digital world. They’re the experiences and opinions shared by your clients that can sway potential buyers or sellers’ decisions. In a sector where trust plays a significant role, these reviews are like whispers in a community, shaping your reputation. Here’s how they impact your business:

  • Building Trust: Reading about positive experiences from others instills confidence in potential clients. It’s like having past satisfied customers chatting over a barbecue with neighbours about the excellent service they received. When individuals are making such a significant decision, like buying or selling a property, they often lean on the experiences of others to validate their choice.

  • Improving Visibility: Online reviews can also enhance SEO. Just as a popular local café might get more foot traffic, glowing reviews can improve your ranking in local search results, making you more visible and accessible when people search for real estate services in your area.

  • Understanding Client Perspectives: Reviews provide insight into what clients think about your service. Are they praising your communication skills, or perhaps a successful sale above the asking price? Conversely, are there areas they felt needed improvement? This feedback is like a community town hall meeting; it’s a chance to hear from residents about what’s important to them.

  • Enhancing Credibility: Awards or recognitions in the real estate sector are fantastic, but personal stories and experiences shared by clients resonate more with people. They humanise your brand, showing you’re not just about sales and transactions but about relationships and successful outcomes.

  • Prompting Decisions: When potential clients are on the fence, reviews can be the gentle nudge they need. They’re reassured knowing that others have had positive experiences, tipping the scales in your favour.

Considering the above, online reviews are not just testimonials but valuable currency in the real estate industry. They’re the community chatter that shapes perceptions, influences decisions, and builds a reputation beyond just a portfolio of sold properties. Encouraging satisfied clients to share their experiences, responding to feedback, and understanding that each review contributes to the narrative of your business is crucial in today’s digital landscape.

Investing in video marketing is like having your 24/7 open house accessible worldwide. It’s dynamic, engaging, and can convey so much more than photos or text. In real estate, where seeing is believing, and the feel of a property can be the clincher, videos can be transformative. Here’s why they are an investment worth considering:

  • Showcasing Properties: Videos bring your listings to life. Unlike static images, a video tour allows potential buyers to experience the property, understanding the space, layout, and atmosphere without physically being there. They can visualise themselves in it, creating a personal connection even before an actual visit.

  • Reaching Wider Audiences: With video, you’re not limited to those who can attend viewings. Your property can be seen by anyone, anywhere, breaking geographical barriers. It’s like sending open house invites across the country or globally, widening your pool of potential buyers significantly.

  • Sharing Insights: Beyond listings, videos can be used for advice segments, market updates, or neighbourhood showcases. This content positions you as a knowledgeable expert in your field, similar to a respected community figure sharing insights at local gatherings.

  • Engaging Content: People are more likely to engage with, comment on, and share videos. When you create compelling video content, you encourage interaction, spreading your reach organically. It’s akin to having a captivating storyteller at an event; people would gather, listen, and share the stories they’ve heard.

  • Building Trust: Videos allow you to present yourself and your team, humanising your brand. Clients see the faces behind the names, hearing your passion and commitment firsthand, establishing a trust basis before any direct interaction occurs.

  • Enhancing Marketing Strategies: Video content complements other marketing efforts, from social media campaigns to website enhancements, contributing to a robust, diversified strategy. They enrich the user experience, providing an interactive element that static images or text simply cannot.

Given these points, video marketing in real estate isn’t just a tool for showcasing properties; it’s a versatile medium that resonates with the emotional journey clients undertake when buying or selling their homes. It allows for storytelling, personal connections, and the dissemination of valuable insights, making it an indispensable asset in your digital marketing toolkit.

Google Ads is like a turbo button for your real estate business’s visibility online. When someone searches for property listings or real estate agents in your area, Google Ads helps ensure your business shows up right where these potential clients can see it. Here’s how this tool can propel your business growth:

  • Immediate Visibility: Unlike organic strategies that take time, Google Ads offers instant top-page visibility. It’s like instantly moving your property billboard to the busiest street corner.
  • Targeted Reach: You can customise ads to target specific searches, such as “homes for sale in Sydney” or “real estate agents near me.” This precision helps you reach people who are actively searching for your services or properties, similar to a sales rep approaching clients who showed interest at a property expo.
  • Flexible Budgeting: You decide how much you want to spend and pay only when someone clicks your ad. It’s like buying a show spot on TV, but you only pay for viewers genuinely interested in your show.
  • Valuable Insights: Google Ads provides data on your campaigns, telling you what’s working and what’s not. It’s like market research feedback without the tedious surveys and interviews.
  • Brand Awareness: Even if they don’t click, people still see your ad, which helps reinforce your brand. It’s similar to passing by a local realtor’s office daily; the name sticks.

Google Ads serves as a catalyst, speeding up the growth and outreach of your real estate business. It allows you to place your brand at the forefront when potential clients are actively looking, capturing interest, and generating valuable leads more efficiently than traditional methods. By leveraging this tool, you’re not just waiting for clients to stumble upon your services; you’re proactively reaching out, making it easier for them to find and engage with your business at the peak of their interest.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is like the fine art of whispering the right words into Google’s ear to make your real estate website more attractive to the search engine, thus pulling in more visitors. When your website talks Google’s language, you appear higher in search results, making it easier for potential clients to find you. Here’s how SEO nurtures your website’s success:

  • Increasing Visibility: The higher you rank, the more likely clients will visit your site over a competitor’s. It’s like having your real estate sign taller and brighter than everyone else’s.
  • Building Credibility: People trust Google; a top position suggests Google deems you trustworthy, too. It’s akin to a coveted spot in a local magazine’s “Top Agents” list.
  • Attracting Local Business: Local SEO strategies mean appearing in local searches, critical for real estate. It’s like being recommended when neighbours chat over the fence about house-hunting.
  • Understanding User Behaviour: SEO tools analyse what brings visitors to your site and what they do once there. It’s like having a consultant revealing why clients walk into your office and what interests them most.
  • Long-term Strategy: While ads give a quick boost, SEO builds over time but offers sustained traffic growth. It’s the difference between a one-time open house flurry and consistent walk-ins.

SEO isn’t just about keywords; it’s about crafting a website experience that aligns with what clients seek and what Google recognises as valuable and relevant. It’s a continuous effort, like keeping your property listings up-to-date and appealing. By doing so, you ensure your website isn’t just a digital brochure but a vibrant, valuable platform that attracts and engages potential clients, serving as a reliable conduit for new business opportunities in the competitive real estate landscape.