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Performance Max Optimisation Checklist

Table of Contents


In the dynamic world of online advertising, ensuring that your campaigns are efficient and effective is paramount. Google Ads’ Performance Max campaigns offer a potent toolset, but like all tools, their effectiveness depends on how they’re utilised. This guide will walk you through auditing and optimising your Performance Max campaign to achieve the best results.

1. Review All Performance Max Campaigns


Review the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) – this is the Conv. value / cost column. Compare it to your ideal target ROAS. Identify low performing campaign

Review Diagnostic Insights Tab

Hone in on 

  • Asset Groups
  • Audience Signals

1.1 Asset Groups

Ensure to check the assets below:

  • Calls 
  • Images
  • Logos
  • Headline
  • Long headlines
  • Description
  • Business name
  • Sitelinks
  • Call to action
[image coming soon]

You can refer to the “ad strength” score to review what is missing 

1.2 Audience Signals

Ensure to add Audience Signals

You can use

  • custom segments 
  • interests and demographics
  • custom data



Preview Ad Content

2. Review ROAS Metrics

2.1 ROAS by Listing Group

Beyond assets, listings play a significant role in campaign success. By scrutinising the ROAS by listing groups, you can identify and leverage the most effective listings for your campaign.

2.2 ROAS by Products

To truly optimise product-related campaigns, sort products by top-selling (revenue) metrics. This sheds light on the high-performing products that drive most of your returns.

3. Locations

3.1 Location Targeting Setting

Use geotargeting settings to maximise reach in the most responsive regions.

 Performance can vary by state, depending on the product or service provided. 

3.2 Bidding Strategy

A routine double-check of the bidding strategy ensures alignment with current performance. If metrics seem off, recalibration might be necessary.

3.3 URL Expansion

Sometimes simplicity wins. Consider turning off URL expansion to lead users directly to primary, high-converting landing pages without distractions.

4. Insights and Content Assessment

4.1 Insights Tab

The Insights tab in Google Ads offers valuable data. Regularly tap into this to refine your campaigns based on the latest patterns and trends.

5. Merchant Centre Check In

Regular Checks

A routine review of the Merchant Centre ensures there aren’t any product feed issues or policy violations that might hamper your campaign’s effectiveness.


Optimising a Performance Max campaign in Google Ads requires a holistic approach. From delving into ROAS metrics to ensuring adherence to policies in the Merchant Centre, each step contributes to a campaign’s overall success. By adopting these guidelines, Australian businesses can effectively leverage Google Ads to bolster their online presence and profitability.

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