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Curate high-quality backlinks from reputable sites to boost your website’s authority. This not only improves your rankings but also directs high-value traffic to your site.

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Turn your business into a local hotspot. Connect with customers in your area using local SEO tactics.

Make your site mobile-friendly for on-the-go users

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EOS Footwear

Women's Footwear Brand

The Challenge: EOS Footwear sought our expertise to scale their growth alongside maintaining a robust Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

The Strategy: We conducted a granular analysis of keyword performance of their products, eliminating underperforming keywords and scaling bids on high-converting, cost-effective keywords. This targeted approach maximised visibility for less competitive, yet highly relevant search queries.

  • Refining and targeting keywords with high intent
  • Building relevant and high-converting product pages
  • Creating remarketing campaigns to retarget warm audiences
+ 0 %
Conversion Rate
+ 0 %
Average Order Value
+ 0 %
Repeat Purchases
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Pinnacle Customs

Lead Generation for Car Detailer

The Challenge: Pinnacle Customs wanted to be known as a top-tier provider of car detailing services in their local area

The Strategy: We devised a robust plan focusing on hyper localised keywords and local ad campaigns designed to attract and convert leads at the best possible cost. Our approach transformed Pinnacle Customs into the go-to detailer within their local area. 

  • Attracted qualified leads with local search terms for their service
  • Build a steady inflow of daily qualified organic leads
  • Attained exceptionally low lead acquisition costs with ads
+ 0 %
Daily Leads
- 0 %
Cost Per Lead
+ 0 %
Daily Organic Traffic
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eCommerce AOV Growth

The Challenge: HeyDoodle created an amazing reusable colouring book which did very well in the Australian market but plateaued in terms of revenue growth. 

The Strategy: By working on getting higher quality traffic from search, average order values naturally increased. We ramped up the advertising and they have since seen over 383% revenue growth and have successfully expanded into international markets.

  • Creating campaigns to attract the right type of buyers for their products
  • Working on nurturing existing customers
  • Retargeting audiences across Google Display Network & YouTube
+ 0 %
Average Order Value
+ 0 %
eCommerce Conversion Rate
+ 0
Additional Countries
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Rental Safety Compliance Market Leader

The Challenge: CheckHero is a one-stop safety compliance check that aids landlords’ property managers and developers. As a newcomer in the Australian market, CheckHero had difficulties with consistent lead generation from their website.

The Strategy: To tackle this problem, SearchTraffic collaborated with CheckHero to provide a carefully curated solution of SEO and SEM management to drive large incremental growth. With the SEO and SEM campaigns, CheckHero was able to generate high-quality leads, consistent revenue growth, and increased website traffic. 

They’re now the leader in the compliance check space in property management. Here was our initial approach:

  • PPC Campaigns to attract highly qualified leads in the compliance space
  • Utilizing the top performing keywords, SEO Campaigns were created to attract more users organically 
  • Retargeting campaigns to win back users
+ 0 %
YoY Growth in Leads
+ 0 %
Organic Traffic Increase
+ 0
New Ad Campaigns Launched
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Cowper residences

Real Estate Lead Generation

The Challenge: Cowper Residences secured a valuable piece of real estate in Footscray and needed to generate leads for the sale of 400+ off-the-plan apartments and townhomes.

The Strategy: SearchTraffic crafted specialized campaigns across Google Ads, Facebook, Domain, and REA, tailored to each product type: 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments, SOHOs, and Townhouses. This strategic approach not only heightened lead generation but also earned them the prestigious REA Best Marketing Campaign Award.

  • Researching highly qualified real estate keywords
  • Building out relevant campaigns targeting local area audiences
  • Creating Google Ads Campaign to target warm audiences
0 %
Lead Conversion Rate
0 +
Qualified Leads Generated
+ 0
Awards Won

Our Most Recent Results

Talk is cheap. So we let our numbers speak for themselves.

Tracked Sales
Time Span
Women’s Comfort Shoes Brand
24 months
download (1)
Reusable Colouring Books
12 months
Gellae Logo
Gel Nail Stickers
16 months
download (2)
Automotive Products
51 months
Women’s Designer Footwear
28 months

Lead Generation

Tracked Leads
Cost Per Lead
Time Span
Logo (2)
Hot Water Installation
31 months
Uconnected Logo
Telecommunication Services
22 months
Logo (3)
11 months
Online Medical GP
28 months
Logo (1)
Safety Compliance – Real Estate
21 months

Our Clients

Why do clients choose Search Traffic time and time again?

For starters, we do things a little differently

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Unmatched Quality

We have a select group of only 50 clients. We don't take anything more than that. This deliberate cap allows us to guarantee the highest standards in our campaigns. Every client we have receives dedicated focus that they rightfully deserve.

We don't overpromise

We don’t make promises we can’t keep. Our approach is grounded in reality, starting with an audit to understand your business. From there, we tailor strategies that align with your KPIs and business goals.

We'll Speak Your Language

Whether you’re a SEO novice or an expert in the field, we communicate on your level. We spend time understanding your products and business goals before we start crafting SEO strategies.

No lock-in contracts

You’re free to continue using our management service only if you love the results, not because a contract with minimum duration says you have to.

Long-term partnerships

In an industry where churn is the norm, our clients have stood by us year after year. This is a testament to the trust we've built and the consistent quality we deliver.

Direct Access to Experts

With large digital agencies, you may find yourself speaking to layers of junior account managers. With Search Traffic, you have direct access to experienced specialists who grow businesses. Making us the perfect partner for a hands-on service.

Committed to Growth

We are relentless at optimising and cutting wasted ad spend, ensuring your campaign grows at a sustainable rate. We cut on average 30% of wasted ad spend (within 30 days) for every new client who joins us.

Unique Tailored Strategies

Every strategy we employ is customised to your target audience. Our team spends time studying your value proposition to ensure we tailor all the messaging to your target market desires and needs.

Future-proof your SEO

Build your visibility with strategies that last

Getting noticed on Google used to be easy. Even a decade or two ago, a few keywords here and there was enough to get you on the front page of search engine results.

But then Google began to raise the bar. What used to be a straightforward path was now a complex maze of backlinks, meta descriptions and alt texts. The arrival of AI content creation marked yet another shift, as Google tightened its grip once more on quality and relevance. 

As Google’s standards soared, self-proclaimed SEO experts started to emerge, dangling the promise of top rankings for minimal investment. But their strategies – from keyword stuffing to questionable link farming – were built on a house of cards that undermined genuine SEO efforts.

Here at Search Traffic, our SEO foundations are rock solid. We sidestep the fads and focus on what works – a data-backed approach that keeps pace with the ever-evolving Google algorithms. This ensures our strategies are not only effective today, but resilient in the face of tomorrow’s changes. 


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Why Do-It-Yourself SEO is hard

SEO is hard

SEO is more than keyword scattering and weekly blog posting. There’s a whole technical world underneath - site structure, mobile optimisation, page speed…Each step demands a technical know-how that goes far beyond the basics.

Frequent Google Updates

Google tweaks their SEO algorithm every quarter. So your winning SEO strategy today might not make the cut tomorrow. Even if you're ticking all the right boxes, an unexpected update could erase your progress in a blink.

SEO takes time

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Achieving visible results doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a consistent, dedicated effort over time, especially when the finish line is constantly being shifted by changing Google algorithms.

Results aren't guaranteed

Without the right expertise, search engine optimisation is a gamble. And it's more likely than not you'll miss your targets.

Search Traffic Service Areas

Our Expertise


  • We promote what you want to promote When it comes to keyword targeting, we're not just throwing darts in the dark. Our keyword strategy is tailored specifically to the products or services you want to highlight. This approach not only increases your visibility but also the relevance of your traffic, ensuring every click has the potential to convert.
  • Google Ad Expertise Who says you have to choose between paid and organic? We believe in embracing both. Google Ads get you immediate visibility, while SEO builds a strong, lasting presence. Together, they're a powerhouse combo that covers all bases, ensuring you're not just seen, but remembered.

Why Us?

  • We Build Partnerships That Last While it’s common for SEO agencies to experience high churn rates, our clients stick around. From day one, our clients have chosen to grow with us. They've seen the quality we deliver and the results we get. That's why they stay, and that's the best proof there is that our strategies work.
  • We Are Transparent About Our Results We meticulously track the effectiveness of our SEO strategies and deliver our results through monthly reports tailor-made for you. Each report is designed to reflect your specific goals and the data you care about most, so you have a clear measure of how our strategies are performing.
  • We're SME Specialists We know having a personal touch matters. That’s why we keep our client list exclusive to ensure every one receives the full attention they deserve. You’ll work directly with one account manager, one senior SEO specialist who knows your business inside out, rather than revolving door of junior associates. With us, you're not just another account. You're a partner whose growth is our top priority

Why our clients love us

Make search engines work for you, not against you

Do your SEO efforts feel like they’re falling short? It might be time to reassess your strategy. But first, we need to understand your current approach and how best to improve it.

We’ll start with an SEO audit to see exactly how we can help. If you’re to see a boost in traffic and real business growth, we should definitely talk.